Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Halcyon Days

At the weekend we went gang-handed to the Monkeyfest and drank suggestively-named real ales in the fortuitous sun. Monkeyfest is an annual beer festival held at the excellently-named Monkey Club, a pub near Best Girl’s house. Best Girl got bitten by a horse and I got wee on my dress (both due to circumventing the loo-queue by pissing in the bushes) and later on our friend JP decided it was necessary to wave his willy about, but otherwise, a good time was had by all. I have just about recovered from the resultant hangover and the accompanying sense of sweaty, free-floating shame.

I bought a book from a charity shop in town. The book is called Talking with Serial Killers and is by a man called Christopher Berry-Dee. When I opened the book to read it, I found that the previous owner had written the following things on the title page: Rookbeare Farm Ice Cream. Scattegories Game. Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews published by Seashell. Being Happy by Andrew Matthews published by Media Masters. Serial killers, self-help books, board games and ice cream. Sounds like a heck of a party.


  1. Halcyon days indeed. Now I want to rhyme with mead. Was there any?

  2. Gotta love pre-loved books, esp those with comments.

  3. it was a heck of a party. i was there. soundtrack by tom waits and belle and sebastian. good times, good times

  4. Paul - no mead, but I put some honey in a can of Special Brew - does that count?

    Maxine - it's like finding other people's shopping lists; cheese, Vaseline, hairnets, pop.

    Jason - next time, I want an invitation!