Tuesday, 2 November 2010

On the Mortality of Seals

What is it that rends the seals, casts them corkscrewed ashore? The Scientists say it's some sort of propeller, but I will have no truck with that, with an answer so human and true. I would rather it were Skalugsuak, the sleeper shark, full fathom five with its wormridden eyes, centuries old and reeking of piss, biting bone-deep into the bias-cut blubber and nosing the corpses ashore. Or maybe the mermaids, holding their black-eyed lovers just a little too tight in their tooth-lined arms, their beaks fast in flesh as they spiral down to the ecstatic depths. Or is it me? Is that where I go at night, eeling through the abyss with my knife between my teeth? Is that why I wake up so salty and cold?


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  2. Thanks for the kitten, but it's sprouted three more tails yet, you can have it back. Takes up too much room...any chance of a nice dog? Unmutated.

    Wish I had teeth in my arms.
    Reading this I've become v. aware of my teeth in my mouth. Thanks for that too. Weird.

  3. When did your writing become so frighteningly nautical? Are you reading Moby Dick?

    I have no problem with it, brilliance as always, Shark Week 4eva. You know.

  4. Moominpappa at Sea. Gets me every time.