Saturday, 17 April 2010

Springtime for Posset

The girl next door calls herself Puppy and didn't make it as a stripper. She punches the boys and runs away. She poses for alternative erotica, all gas masks and kitchen knives, and she passes the photos round at parties. She is my spring sweetheart, although she doesn't know it yet. I like to have a fresh obsession in April, and the more irritating the object, the greater the frisson.

In fact, I feel the need for a full set of new pastimes this year. Handicrafts and recreational drugs are so 2009. I'll start with canal paths, and the haunting of them. I am drawn to canal paths. Nothing good ever happens there, among the jaundiced willows and the bones of prams. They are shortcuts to horror and filth, nyxy snickets to the silted heart of rupture.

I'll write about the canal paths to my new Imaginary Penpal. Her name will be Butterface Tupps and we'll swap charcuterie in hand-painted jiffy bags. It'll cost a fortune in stamps, but I never begrudge an investment in fun.

I might try and invent a new type of porn. I grow weary of holes. I might make Gormenghast out of toilet roll tubes, and I will definitely switch allegiance to sloe gin, but what I would like to do most of all this spring if find the thing, the meta-idea, the one true story that will bind all my past endeavours together. I have been collecting curiosities for too long now. I need to find a cabinet big enough for all the monkeys and monsters, the odd gods and unsavoury vittles, the human-faced cats and rutting clowns.

It's a tough one. I wonder what Butterface thinks.


  1. You are a curiousity, Sack Posset, in absolutely the best way. I look forward immensely to your occasional missives and they never disappoint. Startling!ly original and brilliantly written always.

  2. dear little miss posset,
    just an fyi, one day i will marry your brain. i remain, very sincerely,

  3. ditto all. and i am in love with the first paragraph.

  4. If I weren't sure you lived far, far away, I would swear that first paragraph was about my friend Amourena.

  5. Defy, conjure, exhilarate; deposit, stroll on.

  6. Thanks for the lovely words.
    Everyone needs a cabinet for the monkeys and monsters.

  7. the bit about the canal paths is absolutely wonderful. i also want to look into a new kind of porn - the old ones, so predictable!

  8. Hello, Sack Posset. When will it be time for another mysterious missive? Not too long, I hope, for I sincerely miss them.