Friday, 5 March 2010

Post the Hundredth

Here at Sack Posset Hall we are celebrating an auspicious occasion. The monkey and I sport jaunty glittered caps and clink umbrella-laden glasses. I'm on gin and Mogadon, the monkey favours stout. We've trimmed the place up proper pretty, with pig-ear bunting and strings of bees, vases of ape-horn and glow-worms in jars. The monkey plays its bone-whistle as I type.

Because I knew you were coming, I have baked a cake, a special, extra-yummy cake made of all the things I love. It's mostly meat and adjectives, but there's some salt in there as well, and icing from unspeakable sources. I might have left it in the oven a spot too long, though, and I don't think we'll be seeing Burlesque Belinda tonight.

There are no candles on the cake because I used them all inside it, but the monkey and I blow out the pilot light and toast our absent foes. If there is one thing I have learned in these hundred toothsome moments, one splendid thing I can pass on to you, my ethereal brethren, it is this: cosset your darlings.


  1. Toasting your centenary with 9:30AM gin. I do hope you'll get a letter from Her Majesty.

  2. gamefaced - If I can only dodge the Man for another year...

    Bea - Doesn't gin always taste so much better before breakfast? Or with breakfast. I find it delightful on Frosted Shreddies.

    Thursday - Hello, you soily thing, and thank you.

    Ellie - That's right, lick them until they cry!

  3. delightful again. it occurs to me you might like this character:

    i do.

    he posted some links of him reciting some of his micro short stories. i liked this one in particular:

  4. sack. fuck The Man just fuck Him.

  5. in-cake candles light better than outside candles - they plump when you cook them!

  6. theseabeast - I'll pop over and take a shufti, thank you.

    gamefaced - one of these days I am going to come over to your house and pick you up and you and me are going to go on a rampage. Black tie, of course.

    Jason - say plump again.