Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Insertion Smile

After the first beating resolved formed like baby in my belly and with words hurled like monster I swished my tail. Very well swelled in me and if they say here be monsters then here they be. In a toothlick I was gone and crawling backwards I came out here with this smile where my mouth should be. Now I am the inside of skin and some girls just sing to me, man, they’re begging for it. Just a lump at first, my tail, a root to the spine tree, but now it hangs pink to my knee or rudder-like and proud behind if I tense it, smooth and hard to grip, like wet glass all over. Sometimes it sounds like men are arguing in my stomach and I have thought about putting girls in there to keep them quiet. Girls, like violin strings and lambent. They love the tail. A door ajar is an invite in, just gentle at first, they smoothly snoozing, a sliding breath finger of mine, the down rising charmed. I like to touch them where their tails should be. I wrap their hair around my fist like bellringer or like the boxer binding his hands. The tail can flick and whip and pin and gag and make their eyes go heaven wide as it slides inside them. With the slackening I am gone, away across the rooftops I cavort and am legend.

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