Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Gainful Employment

My bedroom smells of daffodils and I am wearing the furry blue dressing-gown that makes Spatchcock think I am her mother. Earlier this evening I somehow contrived to get stuck underneath the double mattress of our bed. I always thought that living in a house with four men would mean I was relatively well-protected, but I roared myself hoarse and they didn’t stir from Fifa ’08. They thought I was one of the children, playing their little screaming games.

I have been looking at the search queries that bring up this wad of words. My favourites are:

Ultimate bionic catfish
Dead hedgehog
The lonely sock sack
Amanda Holden armpit
The killer inside me

And most of all:

Pied Piper to the girl with the naughty knickers.

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