Wednesday, 25 March 2009

This Week at Sack Posset Hall

We are dining out like a Fancy Lady and sneaking the leftovers into our bum-bag. We are stuffing pink frogs with cinnamon and cloves and sending them to live elsewhere. We are perambulating in the park like wot they did in history. We are looking up the frothy underskirts of the blossom trees. We are slowly realising that everybody gets the pet they deserve. We are reading The Reader’s Digest Book of Strange Stories and Amazing Facts. We are amazed.

1 comment:

  1. I guess everyday one must experience a surprise, and today finding your site, and its elegant and mysterious prose has been mine.

    Wow, you are unique, which I am sure you have already found out is a blessing and a curse...more blessing than curse in my book though.

    After reading through some of your pieces one of the things that I am struck by is how tangential your mind is, as you free associate, and string together your thoughts...

    Its a double surprise day...How is it that no one has left a comment on any of your extraordinary it that you don't allow comments or that you are still an un-found gem?

    Well Done